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Employer must be Saudi company or within Saudi Arabia.
  To join and start posting jobs openings you must be a Saudi company, establishment OR foreign branch, agency work within Saudi Arabia.
Employer must be registered in the commercial register.
  For security and privacy purpose, Employer must have a commercial record issued by Saudi Commercial ministry.
Provide the actual name of company.
  In registration form the actual name of your company must be provided (for example: Gulf textile industry company, the activity name like: a textile industry or a textile company will not be accepted, after registration you can hide company name if required.
Provide the minimum required details.
  To post jobs or search CVs database, the minimum required details about your company must be provided while registration, such as: company description, contact name, address and telephone numbers, after registration you can hide any information in your profile and posted jobs.


Free Registration with free limit job posting!
  You can create your free account with 3 free job postings balance, no need to wait after registeration, you account will be activated by you directly.
Buy plans and feature your profile!
  You can buy plans which will update your job posting number, featured jobs, resume contact view credits, and depending on your selected plan your profile may became featured and listed on the homepage.
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Invoicing system!
  Every plan or additional job purchase is generating an invoice, which can be paid online or manually. This invoice can be payed (if not paid already), canceled, printed or reviewed(if already payed) at anytime from the system.
Daily/Weekly resumes by email!
  You can receive daily/weekly resumes in email, matching your posted jobs.
Hide your contact information!
  You can hide the information like address,email,phone,location to not be displayed to jobseekers when viewing your job. You can also hide this information with every job separately.
My Inbox!
  Job applies, and private messages are stored in this section of the site. You can view the private messages you have received from jobseekers, the private messages sent by you, the job applies you have received. You can also block(reject) the selected jobseekers to not be able to send you more private messages or job applies. You can ubclock them as well.
Bookmarked Resume!
  While searching our resume database you have the option to save the interested resumes into your bookmark list and review it later.
Delete your Account!
  You may delete your account and leave the system at anytime you wish. Your online jobs and profile will be automatically deleted from the database.
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