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Job Title: Human Resources Operations Manager
Job Category: HR - Recruitment and Development  [ View All HR - Recruitment and Development Jobs ]
Job Location: Makkah - Makkah Province
Post Date: 05/17/2024
Job description:
Profession summary:
- Participate in setting the main objectives, plans and programs for human resources operations, and directly supervise the activities of managing, planning and organizing human resources operations, following up on work teams and ensuring the availability of all technical and human resources that ensure the conduct of daily operations as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Main tasks:
- Developing detailed plans, programs and projects for human resources processes and procedures, managing the drawing, planning and continuous improvement of processes and procedures, and following up on their implementation process in a way that ensures the best outputs and achieves the best levels of services and competencies.
- Follow up on amendments and changes in human resources policies and coordinate with the relevant human resources departments in order to reflect these amendments to human resources processes such as leave, transfer, training, promotion, etc.
- Participate in developing the main objectives of human resources operations management, and ensure that precise frameworks and standards are in place to determine the level of achievement of these plans and objectives
- Determine the needs of the Human Resources Operations Department in terms of financial and human resources and administrative requirements necessary to implement and manage business and activities
- Supervising the processes of preparing and preparing general summaries and reports related to human resources operations, presenting them to senior management, informing them of various challenges and developments, and consulting them on various important future issues and initiatives.
Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: Unspecified
Basic Requirements
Gender: Both Gender
This Job Available For: Saudi Only
Minimum Education Level: Bachelor Degree
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