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Company: ALEF Verified Employer
Job Title: Kindergarten Nurse
Job Category: Entertainment  [ View All Entertainment Jobs ]
Job Location: Al-Dammam - Eastern Province
Post Date: 08/05/2021
Job description:
- Nursery Nurses provide care for children from 2 up to 9 years old. They assist in many aspects of their daily lives, through social, emotional, educational and practical interaction and guidance.
- Helping to oversee, maintain and organize a clean, tidy, child-friendly environment, also, supervise activities, such as messy play, crafts, and cooking, reading and outdoor/physical pursuits.
And because parents may feel like they’re missing out on their young child’s development, you also plan, observe and keep records that inform parents about their child’s day
Nursery Assistant Duties and Responsibilities
Supervise and Monitor Children
- Nursery assistants take a hands-on role in providing a safe child care environment. Whether the children are playing, eating, or napping, nursery assistants keep a close watch to prevent accidents or injuries.
Organize Daily Activities
- Maintain a fun and educational environment for children under their care. Work closely with the directors and supervisors to develop engaging activities. Also cares for children with disabilities, by adapting training programs as needed to help everyone feel included.
Keep and Update Records
- To meet a child’s needs no matter who is on duty, nursery assistants keep detailed logs of each child in their facility. Information in these logs may include a child’s nursery attendance, temperament, food allergies, and any special accommodations the child requires.
Resolve Conflicts between Children
- A nursery assistant carefully observes the children under their watch to spot arguments as they arise. They mediate conflicts between children, teaching them to compromise and treat each other with respect. In case of hurt feelings, nursery assistants also comfort hurt or upset children and de-escalate temper tantrums.
Maintain a Sanitary Environment
- After activities or mealtimes, nursery assistants are responsible to arrange for cleaning up messes and organizing materials for the next program. Arrange to sanitize toys, kitchen tools, and other items before the children arrive or after they leave. Nursery assistants are also responsible for monitoring each child’s personal hygiene as needed.
  • Supervise and Monitor Children
  • Organize Daily Activities
  • Keep and Update Records
  • Resolve Conflicts between Children
  • Maintain a Sanitary Environment
Language requirements:
  • English-fluent
Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: Unspecified
Basic Requirements
Gender: Female
This Job Available For: Saudi Only
Minimum Education Level: 2+Year Diploma
Minimum Experience Level: Entry Level (Less than 1 to 3 Years Experience)
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