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  Company: مجمع ليزر ارت Verified Employer
  Company Type: Employer
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  Address: خميس مشيط
  Zip/Postal Code: 62461
  State/Province: خميس مشيط
  Country: Asir Province
  Phone: << Hidden Information >>
  Fax: << Hidden Information >>
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  Registered from: 08/08/2023
  Total Jobs posted: 3
  Currently available: 2

The following jobs are available:
 Post Date   Title   Job Category   Job Location 
04/13/2024 اخصائية تسويق Sales and Marketing - Advertising خميس مشيط - Asir Province
04/13/2024 مساعدة طبيب اسنان Health Jobs - Doctors and Surgeons خميس مشيط - Asir Province