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8 Things You MUST Avoid on Resume

by Job Search Advisor - 08/06/2008
A resume can make or break your entry into any firm. In the span of a couple of pages you need to communicate that you are THE one that they have been looking for all this time.

So how do you ensure that your resume does not end up in the trash bin and that you end up called for an interview? Avoid the obvious but oh-so-common mistakes mentioned in this article!

Killer Mistakes that can Kill Your Resume

1. Avoid applying for the wrong position.

Don’t people read? This is the first thing that will surely turn recruiters off and make them hit the Delete button on their computer or put your resume into the Recycle tray.

2. Addressing the wrong contact person.

Most job ads will state the contact person so avoid addressing the wrong person or sending an email to generic addresses like Not only does this convey that you did not take the time to read the job ad thoroughly, this may also mean that the recruiter may never see your resume.

3. Avoid long narratives.

Recruiters hate long resumes especially if they do not say anything about why you qualify for the job you are seeking. If your resume is reaching five pages, re-do it.

4. Avoid using acronyms.

Acronyms make resumes unreadable. All those jumbled letters make your resume look like alphabet soup!

5. Avoid word repetition.

Ok, we all know that lists do the trick in resumes but must each item begin with “Managed the…” or “Responsible for…”? These repeated words make a resume B-O-R-I-N-G…

6. Avoid placing photos in your resume.

This tip holds especially true if you are asked to submit your resume electronically because it makes downloading of your resume slower (which annoys most people). Further, if they print out your resume, it consumes colored printer ink (which annoys people even more!).

If you must include a picture, use only formal photos. Never include inappropriate pictures. No, that headshot taken in the theme park is not a good idea.

7. Avoid placing links to personal blogs.

Do not forget what a resume is all about; it is a summary of qualifications that make you suited for the job ay hand. Unless you are applying for a writer position, the recruiter does not really care that you have an online presence.

8. Thou shall not lie.

The ultimate sin you can commit when writing your resume is to lie. In today’s competitive job market, where there are more ‘giver’s than ‘takers’, employers are more cautious and do conduct extensive background checks. They call up previous employers, conduct credit checks and even Social Security checks which is actually not surprising given the rise in identity fraud.

So there you have it; avoid the above mentioned resume blunders and your resume will surely be noticed!
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