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Company: شركة عزم للاستثمار
Job Title: manager assistant
Job Category: Administration  [ View All Administration Jobs ]
Job Location: Blgern - Asir Province
Post Date: 05/26/2024
Job description:
- Preparing sub-plans and executive programs for administrative affairs and effective communication with the main branch of the facility in order to achieve the main objectives of the work
- Participate in senior management meetings and express an opinion on the results and decisions, while coordinating with the project manager
- Representing the facility in government departments and carrying out all tasks required to carry out the work urgently
- Responsible for announcing/informing all employees of administrative decisions after their approval by senior management
- Approval of all disbursement documents after they are signed and reviewed by the financial director (if the disbursement authority is taken from senior management)
- Attending Board of Directors meetings, assisting in formulating and codifying the recommendations and decisions issued, and developing appropriate plans, while reviewing the main branch in the city of Abha if requested.
- Presiding and managing the organization’s periodic meetings and assisting in issuing appropriate decisions based on the facts received
- Implementing approved quality plans related to administrative affairs and maintaining the implementation of security and safety guidelines by security officials.
- Participate in formulating and preparing administrative affairs procedures with the management representative for the quality system and the director of quality planning and assurance
- Review and audit procedures, forms, records and instructions related to the quality system regarding administrative affairs before their approval by the CEO.
- Maintaining, preserving and maintaining commercial, industrial and tax licensing and registration documents and following up on the validity and validity of these documents and other government documents and documents necessary to codify operational conditions.
- Verifying that all administrative instructions are actually followed and imposing penalties on violators and notifying senior management of the implementation of this.
- Review the attendance and departure list with the project manager
- Responsible for the campaign unit, vehicle maintenance, and dealing with traffic authorities after being assigned by the project manager
- Responsible for the safety of the infrastructure of the administrative, residential and production units and taking the necessary preventive and remedial measures to preserve these assets.
- Responsible for security and preserving the facility’s contents from theft, and has the right to issue instructions and decisions that enable him to do so after notifying senior management of problems and their solutions and obtaining approval for their implementation.
- Responsible for all industrial safety procedures and instructions followed in the facility and responsible for the validity of these procedures
- Representing the company before others, as well as at events, parties, and official interviews, with the authorization of the CEO
- Submitting weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, semi-annual and annual reports to the CEO and directors of other departments and discussing these reports in periodic senior management meetings.
- Develop emergency solutions in urgent cases with full ability to solve problems
- Assisting the project manager in doing what is necessary to achieve the daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals
- Ability to deal smoothly and flexibly with different cultures
  • Experience from beginner to 5 years
  • Graduate of the College of Business
  • Proficiency in using computer programs, correspondence systems, accounting systems, and human resources if required to work on them
  • The ability to come to the city of Abha if needed
Language requirements:
  • English-good
Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: Unspecified
Basic Requirements
Gender: Male
This Job Available For: Saudi Only
Minimum Education Level: Bachelor Degree
Minimum Experience Level: New Graduate (No Experience)
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