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Job Title: accounting
Job Category: Accounting and Auditing  [ View All Accounting and Auditing Jobs ]
Job Location: Jeddah - Makkah Province
Post Date: 05/16/2024
Job description:
- Preparing and organizing disbursement documents and following up on revenue collection, documentation and analysis.

- Preparing accounting entries and recording financial transactions in records.

- Auditing bank accounts, preparing the necessary reconciliations, and preparing and archiving reports and documents related to expenditures and revenues.

- Monitoring current and capital expenditures according to the monthly financial position of budget items, preparing the financial position and monthly summaries, and preparing and organizing the annual final accounts.

- Auditing financial claims and ensuring that their legal and financial conditions are complete, preparing, organizing and documenting disbursement documents and following up on their audit and approval for disbursement by the approved regulatory authorities.

- Preparing specialized documents and reports in the field of accounting for expenses and revenues and storing them in the relevant database.

- Developing accounting methods and procedures and keeping pace with scientific and technical development in the field of accounting.

- Preparing accounting entries, recording financial transactions in records, auditing bank accounts, and preparing the necessary reconciliations with the monthly reconciliation statements.
  • Accounting, financial accounting, accounting and taxes, business administration (finance and financial accounting)
  • - General accounting - daily record keeping - accounting software - accounts receivable - accounting responsibility
Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: Unspecified
Basic Requirements
Gender: Female
This Job Available For: Saudi OR Residence
Minimum Education Level: Bachelor Degree
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