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Company: سهم للتجارة Verified Employer
Job Title: Branch Manager
Job Category: Administration  [ View All Administration Jobs ]
Job Location: Al-Dammam - Eastern Province
Post Date: 10/13/2021
Job description:
Job Description:
1. Coordination of work within the branch in divisions
2. Supervising the provision of distinguished service, increasing customer satisfaction, drawing a mental image of customers, gaining customer loyalty, supervising the follow-up of sales representatives and participating in achieving the sales goals of the branch
3. Accurately deal with customer complaints and provide appropriate solutions
4. Regular review of production quality and improvement of sales volume
5. Supervising the work schedule for departments and employees and the schedule of breaks and vacations
6. Supervising employee evaluation and providing feedback to improve productivity
7. Follow up on the needs of tools and products for operations, and report on requests on a regular basis
8. Managing the operational budget and defining procedures to help reduce expenses
9. Generate detailed reports periodically on expenses, inventory and maintenance on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis
10 Supervising the training of existing new employees and improving customer service
11. Keep records of personnel and operating transactions in a periodic manner
12. Guiding and directing the team, directing observations periodically, spreading positive energy among team members and understanding the capabilities of the various employees through training and follow-up
13. Dealing with complaining customers and employees in a friendly and calm manner, and gaining the loyalty of employees and customers
14. Defining goals and priorities according to the work need and its variables, and making sure that the tasks are completed on time and in the correct form
15. Dealing with major problems, following up on the details and sending them to the Operations Department in an instant
16. Monitoring and analyzing deviation from plans and positioning, identifying problems efficiently, developing remedial methods and solutions to them, and submitting reports
17. Submission of all reports to the management in all details daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly
18. Responsible for providing health and professional conditions and requirements for employees, customers and government agencies
19. Submit monthly reports
  • Experience in management and sales
  • Experience of not less than 10 years
  • Saudi nationality
Language requirements:
  • English-fluent
  • French-good
Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: Unspecified
Basic Requirements
Gender: Male
This Job Available For: Saudi Only
Minimum Education Level: Bachelor Degree
Minimum Experience Level: Mid Level (4 to 10 Years Experience)
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