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Company: سهم للتجارة Verified Employer
Job Title: Area Sales Manager
Job Category: Sales and marketing - Retail and Direct Sales  [ View All Sales and marketing - Retail and Direct Sales Jobs ]
Job Location: Multiple Cities - All Provinces
Post Date: 10/12/2021
Job description:
Job duties:
1- Planning the sales activity, which includes participating in setting goals and drawing up sales policies within the company, such as policies for products (auto spare parts), providing recommendations regarding their development, introducing new products or services, policies related to prices, distribution, advertising, promotion, communication with target markets, and defining the vision and strategic message.
2- Organizing sales activities, which include organizing sales efforts through developing an effective organizational structure of sales, marketing and distribution representatives and supervisors, and defining tasks for each individual in the marketing department.
3- Executing the sales activities that were identified in the strategic plan for sales and marketing policies
4- Supervising and directing the efforts of sales, marketing, distribution and advertising men in a sound manner
5- Coordinating sales activities with other departments such as purchases, stores, production and finance
6- Monitoring and evaluating sales activities, including defining sales areas, determining salesmen’s paths, determining sales quotas, receiving reports on sales activity, evaluating the results reached, and taking appropriate corrective measures to advance and develop the level of performance..etc.
7- Participate in the selection and employment of salesmen in terms of analyzing and describing the work, and determining the required qualifications
8- Determining the training needs of salesmen and the type of training required for each individual
9- Motivating the salesmen to identify different methods of motivation and constantly searching for rewards that motivate the efforts of the salesmen and increase their efficiency
10- Evaluating the efforts of the salesmen in terms of determining the effective and objective evaluation models to reach a logical judgment on the performance of the salesmen
11- Writing contracts and agreements and laying down practical foundations for pricing policies, discounts, cash collection and term time
12- Setting plans and drawing up sales and marketing policies in cooperation with the CEO and senior management, setting sales goals and objectives, and setting strategies that achieve these goals
13- Establishing a database on markets, competitors, geographical regions and their distributions
14- Developing direct marketing programs and supervising their implementation through contacting advertising agencies and developing plans for promotion, advertising, advertising and sales offers in coordination with senior management.
15- Conducting marketing research, studying the market share of the company and competitors, and following up on competitors’ conditions, strategies and new developments in the market.
16- Working to raise the market share by increasing the volume and development of the company's sales
17- Constant search for new clients, communicate with them and maintain strong relationships with them
18- Participation in negotiations with agents and distributors
19- Determine sales areas to benefit from the largest number of customers and divide the market into sectors
20- Monitoring, evaluating and measuring the performance of salesmen and improving their skills
21- Follow up on the after-sales service, constantly communicate with customers and respond to their requirements
22 - Submit detailed periodic reports on the achievements and marketing problems to the senior management and the obstacles facing the department and proposals for solutions
Professional Abilities and Skills:-
1- The ability to plan, organize, follow up and effectively direct the sales operations and the sales and marketing staff
2- Ability to lead, motivate and direct sales staff
3- The ability to prepare periodic and annual reports
4- Good knowledge of English and computer skills
5- High capabilities in developing and drawing plans and marketing and sales policies
6- High skills in preparing research and marketing studies
7- High skills in communication, negotiation, problem solving and crisis management
8- E-marketing skills on various sites on the Internet
9- Knowing, knowing and fully understanding the products that he markets and sells from different spare parts and international brands
10- Planning areas and sales paths
11- Effectively manage sales meetings
12- The ability to strategically analyze the company's marketing department
13- Giving more attention to major customers (strategic customers) and focusing on them (application of Pareto theory 80/20), measuring customer satisfaction and speed of response to their service
14- The ability to use mathematical and statistical methods and to conduct tests such as validity and reliability tests, iterative distribution, variance analysis, correlation methods and other statistical methods used in measuring and analyzing customer trends and opinions.
15- Successful team management skills
16- The ability to lure the best methods for diversified employment and to ensure increased sales
17- Public interaction skills, administrative and supervisory skills, and time management skills
18- International marketing and foreign export skills
Personal Abilities and Skills:-
1- Enjoying professional and public morals and ethics of honesty, credibility and good example
2- Enjoying intelligence, innovative and creative thinking
3- Self-confidence, strength of character, endurance of work pressure, patience, self-control and lack of emotion
4- Flexibility and adaptability
  • Experienced
  • Committed to coming and leaving
  • 10 years experience in selling
  • Vacancies in Madinah and Buraydah
Language requirements:
  • English-fluent
Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: Unspecified
Benefits and Other Informations: - commissions
- housing allowance
- transfer allowance
- medical insurance
Basic Requirements
Gender: Male
This Job Available For: Saudi Only
Minimum Education Level: Bachelor Degree
Minimum Experience Level: Mid Level (4 to 10 Years Experience)
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