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Company: سهم للتجارة Verified Employer
Job Title: Manager of online store and applications
Job Category: Sales and marketing - Retail and Direct Sales  [ View All Sales and marketing - Retail and Direct Sales Jobs ]
Job Location: Al-Riyadh - Al-Riyadh Province
Post Date: 03/29/2021
Job description:
Tasks and job description:
1- Planning and designing e-commerce systems, linking them with each other, and supervising implementation with the developer.
2- Selecting appropriate e-commerce applications, determining the purpose of their use, and regulating their association with each other.
3- Determining the need for service providers (3rd parties) and reviewing the proposed agreements and following up on their performance. The online store usually needs electronic payment service providers, shipping and delivery, content and marketing.
4- Implementing the customer service system linked to electronic channels and preparing a procedural guide for the service with the Customer Service Department.
5- Adapting the instructions and instructions in the online store based on the functionality of the used e-commerce system.
6- Providing support to the developer or technical team in the system testing phase and its subsequent phases.
7- Detecting and identifying technical errors and suggesting appropriate improvement for them.
8- Documenting the department's procedures and drawing possible scenarios and how to deal with them (requests - complaints - returns - inquiries).
9- Contribute to setting goals and sales for the online store, with the participation of the Sales and Marketing Department.
10- Contribute to arranging marketing campaigns with the participation of the Marketing and Sales Department.
11- Analyze and test user experience and report needed improvements.
12- Preparing store performance reports and making them available to the facility management and the concerned persons.
13- Analyzing customer data and making available information available to the marketing and sales teams.
14- Supporting best practices that would raise quality standards in the e-commerce department, such as supporting the transfer of customers to electronic payments, improving the quality of addresses.
15- Managing and coordinating the relationship and the flow of tasks between the relevant departments (sales - marketing - customer service - warehouse and order processing).
16- Continuous improvement of the site’s content to contain all customer questions and needs.
17- Supervising the SEO Optimization process and following up on its results.
18- Comparing the online store with competing stores in terms of usability, performance and appearance in search engines.
19- Ensure that the infrastructure for the analysis and marketing tools is prepared and installed in the online store as required.
20- Designing and automating the complete customer journey: Customer engagement workflow design.
  • Experienced
  • Committed to attend and leave
  • Of creation
Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: Unspecified
Benefits and Other Informations: Commissions
- Salary
- allowances
- medical insurance
Basic Requirements
Gender: Male
This Job Available For: Saudi OR Residence
Minimum Education Level: Bachelor Degree
Minimum Experience Level: Mid Level (4 to 10 Years Experience)
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