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Company: مؤسسة المندرة العربيةللمقاولات Verified Employer
Job Title: Executive Director
Job Category: Administration  [ View All Administration Jobs ]
Job Location: Khames Mushait - Asir Province
Post Date: 06/09/2020
Job description:
Job duties and responsibilities:
Acting on behalf of the General Manager in the event that he is not present due to travel conditions, illness, leave or vacancy
Participate in setting the main goals of the institution and participate in formulating it
Responsible for dividing the main goals into sub-goals for each department in cooperation with the general manager in a way that achieves achieving the main goals of the institution
Participate in making plans and providing advice and advice to the general manager, board of directors, and directors of departments
Reviewing and verifying plans and operational programs, as well as implementation budgets, before being approved by the General Manager
Attending board meetings and cooperating with the general manager in formulating and codifying recommendations and decisions issued and developing appropriate plans
- Attending periodic meetings, formulating and codifying recommendations and decisions issued, and setting appropriate executive programs and sub-plans
Reviewing and checking all procedures, records, forms and instructions related to the institution's system
Reviewing and auditing the Corporation’s policy, presenting it to the General Manager
Reviewing and auditing the organizational structure before presenting it to the General Manager
Participate in formulating and preparing procedures for senior management with department managers
- Final review of promotions, job placement and salaries at the end of each year before presenting to the general manager
- Final review of the annual budget before presenting it to the General Manager
Representing the company in front of others, as well as in events, parties and official interviews, with the authorization of a representative of the Board of Directors
- Take all necessary decisions that enable the CEO to execute the mandated plans and plans
- Submitting bi-monthly, monthly, semi-annual and annual reports to the General Manager and discussing these reports in periodic meetings
  • High qualification, preferably MBA
  • Proficiency in using the computer fully proficiency
  • Fluency in English
Language requirements:
  • English-fluent
Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: Unspecified
Basic Requirements
Gender: Male
This Job Available For: Open For All
Minimum Education Level: Master Degree
Minimum Experience Level: Advanced Level (more than 10 Years Experience)
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