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Company: مؤسسة ثنيان عبد العزيز الثنيان Verified Employer
Job Title: Exhibition Director
Job Category: Sales and marketing - Retail and Direct Sales  [ View All Sales and marketing - Retail and Direct Sales Jobs ]
Job Location: Al-Riyadh - Al-Riyadh Province
Post Date: 11/03/2016
Job description:
Main duties:
- Setting the overall strategy of the exhibition for all activities.
- Follow-up to ensure the implementation of the sales plan developed and address deviations from the scheme and achieve the objective of the sale of the exhibition.
- Direct supervision of sellers at the sales show, directing them and putting the necessary controls to raise their level of performance.
- Re-distribution of vendors in various sales departments commensurate with their experiences and abilities to get the best return to the human element.
- Arranging the premises of the various sales departments within the exhibition according to the size of the alternatives available from each group in order to achieve consistency and integration between the departments.
- Develop policies to regulate sales within the various departments and to face any deviation from the scheme.
- Supervising the methods of arranging and displaying the exhibits in sections in terms of quantity, priority ... etc. and the necessary guidance work if necessary.
- Continuous follow-up of exhibits in various sales departments and follow-up inventory and sales rate.
- Study the needs of the sales departments of the required goods and take appropriate decisions to meet these needs.
- Study proposals that help increase sales.
- Follow up and study the differences that occur in the sales departments first in terms of operations related to all activities and processing to reach the level of optimal performance.
- Coordinate with the Department of the main and branch stores to ensure the smooth flow of goods to the departments.
- Coordination with the product manager to follow up receipt of the goods.
- Coordination with all concerned departments.
- Follow up and study the problems and complaints of employees and find solutions to them first-hand to achieve their satisfaction.
- Preparation of periodic reports and statistics on the activities of the exhibition.
- Responsible for coordinating working hours, working hours and holidays.
- Setting the daily sales targets of the sellers and supervising the realization of the sales objective of the sellers within the exhibition.
- Apply trademark policies and procedures to the vendors within the exhibition.
- Stimulate employees within the exhibition.
- Training and evaluation of employees within the exhibition.
- Receipt of Kashir and carrying any disability.
- Explain the components of the goods to sellers and the mechanism of sale.
- Intervention in the sale process and granting discounts not exceeding the limits of validity.
- Commitment to any deficiencies or breakage or theft within the exhibition and take responsibility.
- Supervising the arrangement of the warehouse and its organization and cleanliness and easy access to the goods in it.
- Commitment to the safety of the exhibition and its contents from any dangers that may harm the exhibition.
- Receipt and transfer of goods within the exhibition.
- Report any shortage, fracture or damage inside the exhibition.
- Take responsibility for any goods that come out of the exhibition without securing them through the method of packaging or not to notice the goods that can be broken.
- Supervising the status of the barcode including the price on all goods within the exhibition
- Report any emergency that occurs in the exhibition from disruption or damage by lighting, electricity, air conditioning, decoration, lack of bags or packaging materials, etc., and continuous follow-up to repair faults and take responsibility for non-follow-up or notification.
- Application of sanctions and penalties and submitted to the administration according to the regulations and regulations.
- Ensuring the spread of the spirit of one team within the exhibition and the shipment of inspiration within the exhibition.
- Supervising the cleanliness of the exhibition and the cleanliness of the dress and the commitment of employees within the exhibition.
  • Experience of 5 years or more in exhibitions management
  • Diploma and more
  • Ability to work in different cities around the Kingdom
Language requirements:
  • English-fluent
Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: Unspecified
Basic Requirements
Gender: Male
This Job Available For: Saudi OR Residence
Minimum Education Level: 2+Year Diploma
Minimum Experience Level: Mid Level (4 to 10 Years Experience)
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