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Company: الخطوط الرقمية
Job Title: Accountant
Job Category: Accounting and Auditing  [ View All Accounting and Auditing Jobs ]
Job Location: Jeddah - Makkah Province
Post Date: 05/04/2015
Job description:
- Implementation of the financial and accounting procedures adopted by the Foundation.
- Supervision of all documents issued and received to the accounting department, and verify their authenticity and contain the necessary signatures.
- Reviewing the registration bonds and approving them before they are registered in the accounts concerned.
- Supervise the registration of all registration documents in their respective accounts and according to the applicable computer systems and programs and on the basis of the approved accounting course.
- Collection, follow-up and maintenance of statements of accounts receivable and credit, and check the maturity tables of accounts receivable monthly.
- Check payrolls and wages monthly, and make sure that the calculation of additions and discounts on the entitlements of employees and customers, and the introduction of any changes in the status of employees and work on their files in the computer.
- Supervise the issuance of exchange notes and prepare checks related to them, after confirming the validity of the attached documents and follow-up obtaining the necessary signatures on the checks in accordance with the powers in force.
- Prepare monthly bank statements, show differences (if any), inform the financial manager for review, and prepare the required settlement restrictions.
- Supervise periodic and annual inventories of fixed assets and materials and match them with balances of the accounts concerned.
- Supervising the preparation of the balance of auditing and financial reports, study and analysis, and then submitted to the Director General.
- Preparation of final accounts at the end of the financial year.
- Proposing the development of the company's general financial policies and presenting them to the Director General for Accreditation.
- Develop long and short term financial plans for the company and submit them to the Director General with his recommendations regarding their adoption.
- Keep a complete copy of the financial and accounting system applied in the company and work to develop it according to the circumstances and needs of the company and presented to the Director General for approval and approval.
- Ensuring that all departments comply with the company's financial instructions.
- Contact on behalf of the company in financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and others, and solve issues related to the company's finances such as problems of opening accounts or granting facilities or opening documentary credits in coordination with the Director General
- Review the contracts and all obligations before concluding with others to determine their financial impact on the company and make comments thereon.
  • practical experience
Employment type:
  • Full Time
Salary Range: 3,000 S.R.
Basic Requirements
Gender: Male
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