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Company: مؤسسة حلم الواقع لإقامة وتنظيم المعارض Verified Employer
Job Title: Executive Secretary
Job Category: Secritarial and Clerical Assistant  [ View All Secritarial and Clerical Assistant Jobs ]
Job Location: Al-Riyadh - Al-Riyadh Province
Post Date: 04/18/2015
Job description:
- To carry out secretarial and follow-up work in the Office of the Chief Executive and to organize and facilitate all administrative matters of the Executive Director with high efficiency and to provide secretarial work and the written and administrative work of the Association and to support them in order to ensure the provision of services efficiently and effectively and provide support
Administrative management through conducting and organizing administrative duties and activities including receiving and processing information.
- Organizing the executive director's appointments whether internal or external.
- Coordination of meetings, preparation of work agendas and minutes of meetings and follow-up.
- Print correspondence and reports of the Executive Director.
- Save correspondence and reports.
- Conduct business communications and answer all telephone calls of the Executive Director.
- Follow-up internal notes and make sure all data and reports are prepared.
- Receiving regular and electronic mail and presenting it to the Executive Director.
- Reads and analyzes incoming notes and reports in order to determine their relevance and distribution plan.
- Organize files and maintain documents, records and reports of the Assembly.
- Answer and deal with telephone inquiries in a proper manner.
- Welcome visitors and determine whether they should help them reach certain individuals.
- Prepare responses to correspondence containing routine inquiries.
- Performs the duties of the General Office such as ordering equipment, maintaining records management systems and performing the basic work of the books.
- Prepare the agenda and make crisis arrangements for staff meetings.
- Compliance of minutes and distribution of minutes of meetings
- Organizes and coordinates meetings, conferences, travel arrangements and others.
- Can use the office equipment (fax - camera housing - basic display devices).
- A report shall be submitted in the presence and departure of the employees of the competent administration.
- Perform other duties related to the costs.
- Writing and copying correspondence of all kinds such as: external messages, internal notes, circulars.
- Preparing and writing reports.
- Print and format text using MS Word.
- Technical organization of files (classification, coding, preparation of indexes necessary for retrieval).
- Organize the papers inside the files and provide the retrieval service.
- To carry out the sorting, deportation and destruction of files that have been completed in accordance with the regulations of the Authority.
- Planning, organizing and supervising the work of the office.
- Use internal and external email of the device.
- Use the Internet.
- Use of automated administrative communication program.
- Use of electronic archiving devices and programs.
- Preparation of financial statements using Excel program.
- Preparation of PowerPoint presentations.
- Prepare data lists using the acces program.
- Perform simple accounting
- Conduct public relations work (reception, protocol, protocol) in the field of public relations.
- Managing the volunteer team and coordinating their tasks
  • Skills in cooperation and communication with others
  • Ability to monitor, plan and organize
  • Work and time management
  • Sentencing, problem solving, planning and organization
  • Carry stress and strain
  • Knowledge of administrative and written procedures
  • Ability to withstand work pressure and confidentiality
  • Skills of using desktop software
  • English language skills
Language requirements:
  • English-good
Employment type:
  • Temporary
Salary Range: 1,000 S.R.
Benefits and Other Informations: - Two hours a day from 4 pm to 6 pm
- Five days a week
- The possibility of being out of time when needed
Basic Requirements
Gender: Male
This Job Available For: Saudi Only
Minimum Education Level: High School or equivalent
Minimum Experience Level: Entry Level (Less than 1 to 3 Years Experience)
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